Varian baru Flu Burung [H7N9]

flu burung cina

Menteri Kesehatan Nafsiah Mboi menegaskan, varian baru flu burung yang merebak di China belum ditemukan di Indonesia. Sejauh ini, kasus varian baru flu burung yang diduga lebih mematikan tersebut, telah membuat sembilan orang di China telah terinfeksi dan tiga di antaranya tewas.
“Sejauh ini belum ada kasus di mana virus flu burung varian yang sama seperti di China, bermutasi pada manusia di Indonesia. Tapi, kita harus selalu waspada,” katanya di Jakarta, Minggu (7/4).
Virus influenza ditandai oleh hemagglutinin (H) dan protein neuraminidase (N) pada virus. Virus ini memiliki 17 protein hemagglutinin dan 10 protein neuraminidase. Sebagai contoh, virus flu burung yang kita telah dikenal sebelumnya disebut H5N1, sehingga perbandingannya adalah 5 hemaglutinin dan 1 neuraminidase. Sementara virus baru ini memiliki struktur protein baru yang disebut H7N9.
Sumber : Sinar Harapan


Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi confirmed, a new variant of the bird flu outbreak in China has not been found in Indonesia. So far, the new variant of bird flu cases suspected of more deadly, has made nine people in China have been infected and three of them were killed.
“So far there has been no case in which a variant of bird flu virus the same as in China, mutated in humans in Indonesia. But, we must always be vigilant,” he said in Jakarta, Sunday (7/4).
Influenza virus is characterized by the hemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase proteins (N) on the virus. This virus has a 17 protein hemagglutinin and neuraminidase proteins 10. For example, the bird flu virus that we have known previously called H5N1, so the comparison is 5 1 haemagglutinin and neuraminidase. While this new virus has the structure of a new protein called H7N9.
source : Sinar Harapan

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